Gary and Denise van Wijk of Healthy Homes NZ

About Healthy Homes (NZ)

Healthy Homes (NZ) is a family run business with branches throughout New Zealand.

Started by Gary van Wijk, a fully licensed NZ builder with over 35 years in the trade.

Gary had seen first hand the damage that bad building and water damage can do to a building. He also noted that methamphetamine use and manufacture was on the rise and was concerned about the harmful toxic effects of meth residue on prospective property owners. Offering a meth testing service became important to Gary as he worked closely with new home buyers and landlords to ensure that they were making good buying decisions when they purchased their properties.

Healthy Homes (NZ) offers the latest in testing by constantly keeping up with the latest technology and equipment used to test properties for faults and methamphetamine residue in buildings.

We are dedicated to ensuring your future home and investment has a clean bill of health prior to purchase or rental and we would support the introduction of legislation which favoured regular meth inspections for rental properties.

You can be assured of our complete confidence and discretion at all times.